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Imbersago - LA VESCOGNA
Imbersago is a small village within the Park of North Adda. Since 1992 at the Garibaldi square, in the town center, every third Sunday of the month the antique market takes place, with about 120 exhibitors.
(ill. Panorama, print from Lose Brothers, 1836)  

Piazza San Marcellino, Imbersago - from Vescogna 2,9 km

In 1789, in a old building dating back to the Middle Ages, the architect Canonica, a pupil of architect Piermarini, designed in a severe neoclassic style the Church of St. Marcellino and St. Peter. Inside are marble balustrades of fine workmanship and of great interest is the organ by the family Serassi, placed in the choir chamber above the entry portal. 

Via Madonna del Bosco, Imbersago - from Vescogna 3,1 km

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Wood was built between 1641 and 1644 and designed by the architect Carlo Buzzi. Located on a hill on the footsteps of the mountain, sorrounded by chestnut woods, this construction became a Minor Basilica by request of Pope John XXIII. Popular tradition has it that the Virgin appeared to the prayers of a mother whose child was attacked by a wolf and that by the Virgin's grace, was saved from the jaws of the ferocious animal.
The spectacular staircase of 392 steps that brings the visitor to the shrine was built in 1824; at the center of its last part is the statue of the "Good Pope" by Enrico Manfrini. Below the churchyard's belvedere, which offers a panoramic view over the valley of the Adda on the Bergamo side, one can see the crypt that was built in 1632 in homage to the miracle that originated the construction of the shrine.

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, Imbersago - from Vescogna 4,5 km

Between the banks of the Adda is a steel cable that directs the ferry that crosses the river and flows with the movements of its currents. The ferry name derives from Leonardo's original project; found at the Windsor Code is a drawing from the early sixteenth century, years that Leonardo often spent in the area between Vescogna and Vaprio d' Adda, of a boat very similar to the ferry that still exists.
Still today one can use the ferry, even by car, between the shores of Imbersago and that of Villa d' Adda, enjoyng the unique view of this stretch of river. At the Imbersago side of the bank, there is a pedestrian and bicycle path that allows one to reach Brivio along river route.


Mondonico - LA VESCOGNA

Main Entrance

Main Entrance - LA VESCOGNA

FAI 2017 /2022

FAI 2017 /2022 - LA VESCOGNA

Leonardo in Vescogna

Leonardo in Vescogna - LA VESCOGNA

On the Treil of Leonardo da Vinci in Vescogna

Leonardo Gallery

Leonardo Gallery - LA VESCOGNA

Discover the largest permanent exhibition in the world dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci engineer and humanist.

Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition - LA VESCOGNA

The World of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

Selected by

Selected by - LA VESCOGNA

Member of

Member of - LA VESCOGNA