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Varenna/Lake Como

Varenna/Lake Como - LA VESCOGNA

The former fishing village is located on the eastern shore of Lake Como. It faces Bellagio, to which it is connected by ferry. The village is overlooked by a mountain peak, where on its is located the old Castle of Vezio.

(ill. Panorama, postcard from 1930)







VILLA MONASTERO                                                                                                                   

Viale 4 Novembre, Varenna - info: 0341.295450 - from Vescogna 39 km


Villa Monastero was built on the site of the former female Cistercian Monastry of Santa Marta, founded in 1208. By decision of Carlo Borromeo in 1566, the last nuns were  transferred to another monastry and the buildings were sold to Paolo Mornìco.

During the three centuries under the Mornìco family, many renovations took place, in particular the building's facade and the two large rooms on the ground floor called "Red Room" and "Black Room".

Starting from the second half of the 19th century, the villa underwent subsequent transformations that led to the present eclectic style. Of great interest is the staircase made of multicolored marble, ceramics and stucco work, as well as the bathroom in Pompeian style.

Of great interest, besides the main house and its rich collection, is the botanical garden. Open from April to November it is situated on a piece of land along the steep banks of the lake and, besides the rich collections of various species, it is characterized by numerous architectural elements in baroque, classic and moro style.

Exceptional views of the lake, the tip of Bellagio, Tremezzo and Menaggio where the sunset can be enjoyed.




Mondonico - LA VESCOGNA

Main Entrance

Main Entrance - LA VESCOGNA

FAI 2017 /2022

FAI 2017 /2022 - LA VESCOGNA

Leonardo in Vescogna

Leonardo in Vescogna - LA VESCOGNA

On the Treil of Leonardo da Vinci in Vescogna

Leonardo Gallery

Leonardo Gallery - LA VESCOGNA

Discover the largest permanent exhibition in the world dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci engineer and humanist.

Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition - LA VESCOGNA

The World of Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

Selected by

Selected by - LA VESCOGNA

Member of

Member of - LA VESCOGNA